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Choose your favorite location out of our large stock of amazing outdoor and indoor locations in Spain, Portugal, Western Europe and Morocco.
You don’t take care of permissions, we’ll make this job for you.

If you don’t find the location in our archives which fits to your project, our location service includes location scouting at your special requests, even at spaces where it seems to be impossible, because of our good international contacts with the proper authority.

For outstanding landscapes under very economic conditions we recommend our home base Andalusia with its capital Seville, only 2 to 3 hours away from northern destinations like Berlin, London, Paris or Amsterdam.

ANDALUSIA - that means: locations like in Africa or South America under European standards and with European travelling expenses. You find contrasts like the snow-covered Sierra Nevada just a thrown stone away from beaches with turquois water and will be surprised, which exotic sceneries offers the South of Spain.

Enjoy outstanding locations and the famous magical light in Andalusia,
which is counted as one of the most sunny regions worldwide with approx. 320 days of sun!
Mexico, California, Orient or Africa: you can find them just right here!

Ask us, we will find YOUR location! ➜ location archives (clients area)

Concentrate in your project – we support you on location

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